Family-Owned Company That Cares!

A message from our President, Andrew Pawling, and the benefits of partnering with a family-owned company.

Reaching Your Customers on Social Media Platforms

As part of our marketing strategy to drive consumers to your shelves, Fresh Cravings leverages paid media ads on social platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok. These digital ads include click-to-cart capabilities to increase brand awareness and engagement with our target audience and drive sales of Fresh Cravings products at local retailers. Check out one of the ads we are running this fall to support our tailgating campaign.

Driving Brand Awareness Through Streaming Audio

Keep your ears perked, because you might just hear Fresh Cravings’ streaming audio spot on Pandora, SiriusXM, or the Stitcher podcast network this fall. Streaming audio ads are another tactic in our playbook, leveraged to build brand, product, and location awareness during key snacking moments. Here’s a sneak peek of our fall spot!

Salsabrate™ The Good Recognized by Produce Business’ 34th Annual Marketing Excellence Awards!

Fresh Cravings’ national giveback campaign, Salsabrate™ The Good, is one of 19 campaigns celebrated in Produce Business’ 34th Annual Marketing Excellence Awards. Produce Business chose our giveback campaign for how it shines a light on those who champion others, during a most challenging time. We are proud to be among other produce brands and associations in this category such as Avocados from Mexico, Natural Delights, California Avocado Commission, New York Apple Association, and more.

Come See us at IFPA Booth #2205

We are excited to attend and exhibit our products at IFPA on October 27-29. Please reach out to me to schedule some time to sample our products and learn more about Fresh Cravings and why we are the right partner for you. As Andrew said, we are committed to our customers and working together to bring customers to your stores!